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Reggie McKenzie: Raiders to go into OTA's with Matt Flynn as starter

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Reggie McKenzie spoke gave his pre-draft press conference today. Among other things, he was asked whether Matt Flynn is the presumptive starter. Here is what he had to say.


There has been a lot of talk about who will be the Raiders starting quarterback this season. But Reggie McKenzie let it be known today that the job is indeed Matt Flynn's to lose.

"As we begin the OTA period we're gonna begin with Matt Flynn," said Reggie McKenzie in a press conference Tuesday. "Now, the quarterback who will be on the roster from that point on, they will all compete."

McKenzie has said from day one that there would be a competition at the position in OTA's and training camp between Flynn, Terrelle Pryor, and whomever else this team adds before camp. But Matt Flynn was the guy he went out and traded for as ‘his guy' and McKenzie has the utmost confidence in Flynn as the Raiders starting quarterback.

"Two things that I feel is important and that's presence as far as leadership and how to move a team down the field and knowing how to do it, [Matt Flynn] has all the intangibles," McKenzie said. "I think he can play the position. He can throw the ball and I think he's gonna be a solid quarterback. Now, how good can he be? We'll figure that out but he's got a chance to be a good, solid quarterback. He hasn't played a lot of games so that's what's ahead of him is to see what's ahead of him. He'll get in here, compete, and try to show his team and coaches if he can play. The coaching staff probably doesn't know. I'm probably the guy who knows him best and I feel good that he can play the position."

So, there you have it. In regard to the "apples and oranges" talk as far as Flynn topping the current depth chart over Pryor is concerned, McKenzie wants to know how you like them apples?