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2013 NFL Draft trade rumors abound making exciting day for Raiders

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The rumor mill is on overtime and Reggie McKenzie is keeping spare cell phone batteries to keep up with the action. Here are the rumors that are swirling today.

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The trade rumors are heating up for the Raiders. They were already pretty warm but as we come down to the wire, teams are pulling out the stops to make sure when they get their guy or, if you're the Raiders, you get the trade deal you want.

Raiders head coach Dennis Allen appears on NFL Network today and said that Reggie McKenzie has "kept the cell phone against his ear" fielding calls with regard to the number three pick in the draft. Ian Rappoport says no one is more busy fielding interest in their pick than the Raiders.

Here are the latest rumors swirling about the Raiders today:

The Raiders won't trade out of the top five picks - As I had mentioned in a previous article, the Lions at pick number five may get jumpy for fear another team will trade up ahead of them and take their guy. This trade would likely garner the Raiders the Lions round three pick.

The Browns are interested in trading up from pick 6 - The Browns are in play for trading up to pick three. They want a pass rusher and don't want to risk the Eagles at 4 or the Lions at 5 taking their guy. That jump could garner as much as the Browns round 2 pick depending on how desperate the Browns are. They reportedly want Barkevius Mingo.

The Cardinals could trade up from pick 7 - This has always been a strong possibility although reports today are saying the Cardinals are actually looking to trade down. They would like one of the top offensive tackles but if they don't want to give up too much, there is a possibility all of the top three tackles will be gone if they stay put. It is my belief they will try to trade up first but if they can't get a deal they like, they will then shift attention to trade down.

The Jets could trade up from pick 9 - The Jets traded Darrelle Revis to the Buccaneers this week in exchange for the Bucs' pick at 13th overall. With the extra pick, the thinking is they are looking to deal their 9th overall pick to move up and get their guy. That guy, despite recent reports of 5 surgeries, is Dee Milliner. The timing of the reports suggest there are simply teams trying to dissuade teams from drafting him in the hopes he falls to them. He is still considered by most to be the best cornerback in the draft. According to ESPN's Adam Schefter, one head coach he spoke to called Milliner the best defensive player in the draft.

Chargers and Dolphins at 11 and 12 want to trade up - Both teams are desperate for left tackles. There are two top tier left tackles in this draft in Luke Joeckel and Eric Fisher. Some say they will be gone in the top two picks. If they are not, the Dolphins and Chargers could pull out all the stops to get their hands on the third overall pick to be able to draft one. Even if they do go one and two, there is still Alabama's Lane Johnson on the board who could be of interest. He is the last of the top left tackles with a big dropoff after him. A possibility could be the Raiders trading down a few spots and then trading down again with one of these teams if Johnson is still on the board. The Dolphins have two second round picks so they are the most likely trade partners between these two. Plus, the Raiders would rather not oblige their division rival Chargers with a franchise left tackle.

Atlanta Falcons want to trade up - As of now these rumors are only hearsay but it makes some sense considering the Falcons' history of selling the farm to trade up for the guy they want. They did it a couple years ago to get wide receiver Julio Jones. It would be more realistic, being that the Falcons currently sit at the 30th pick that they would only trade up to the mid first round which means if the Raiders come into play, it would more likely be after they had already traded down once.

San Francisco 49ers want to trade up - The 49ers have the 31st overall pick but they also have 13 picks in this draft and few roster spots to put them. They have the ammunition to get the exact player they want and might just overpay for the shot at getting that player. They are selling out for the Super Bowl this year. Again, it seems unlikely they would trade all the way up to pick 3 but if the Raiders had already traded down once, Reggie McKenzie would be rubbing his palms together at what the 49ers could offer him in a trade.

One this is for certain, today could be very exciting for the Raiders and their fans tonight.