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2013 NFL Draft: Raiders trade pick 3 with Dolphins, move to pick 12

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The Raiders have traded their number 3 overall pick to the Dolphins to move down to the 12 pick.


The Raiders have made the blockbuster trade they were hoping to make. They have traded the third overall pick to the Miami Dolphins and move down to the 12 overall pick. In the deal, the Raiders pick up the Dolphins pick at 42 overall in the second round to move down to pick 12.

The Raiders now have the round 2 pick they wanted. According to the old Jimmy Johnson trade value chart, moving down nine spots should have been worth more than just the 42nd overall pick. But according to Football Perspective, the Raiders get the better of the deal.

Cornerback DJ Hayden is still being linked to the Raiders and mock drafts had them taking Florida DT Sharrif Floyd at 3 overall. There is a chance either or both could still be available when the Raiders pick at 12.

The Raiders didn't have a round 2 pick from the last part of the Carson Palmer trade. They have a lot of needs so they were desperate to get back into round 2. They got their wish.