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Raiders 2013 NFL Draft: Day 2 open thread

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Chat here all day leading up to the start of round 2 of the 2013 NFL Draft.

For some, Draft weekend is like Christmas.
For some, Draft weekend is like Christmas.
Jason O. Watson

It's day two of the draft. Things got a lot more exciting for the Raiders on the second day after they traded down in the first round and picked up a round 2 pick. They didn't used to have a pick in this round as they had sent their pick to the Bengals as the last piece of the Carson Palmer trade. But after the trade to get the 42 overall pick, balance is restored.

The Raiders nabbed cornerback DJ Hayden out of Houston with their first round pick to bulk up their secondary. Now they will look to add a couple more pieces to this needy team in the second and third round. They have picks 42 and 66 which should have some very capable prospects on the board.

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For a recap of the first round see the live blog for Picks 1-16 and picks 17-32.

Chat here during the day. A new live blog will be up just prior to the start of the second round.