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Raiders 2013 NFL Draft: Day 3 open thread

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Just one day of drafting left for this year's NFL draft! Chat here leading up to Round 4 of the 2013 NFL draft.

Chris Chambers

Time for Day 3 people! The final rounds of the 2013 draft 4,5,6 and 7 are today and the picks will be coming fast and furious. The Raiders will be drafting early in the 4th round so make sure you are up and at'em for it.

The Raiders have had an intriguing draft so far this year with the selections of CB DJ Hayden in the first round, OL Menelik Watson in the 2nd round, and ubber confident LB Sio Moore in the 3rd. With the picks so far there is a common thread, all of them love the game of football.

Any questions about the draft that you may have can still be answered with the Draft Guide.

There will also once again be the live blogs going throughout the draft updating each pick as they come in. If you are curious on taking a look at each of the picks that have happened up to date they are the place to be.

Picks 1-16, picks 17-32, picks 33-63 and picks 64-97.