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NFL Draft round 4 Live Blog

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As each draft pick in round 4 rolls in we will be updating this article. Stay up to date with the 2013 NFL Draft simply by following Silver and Black Pride's round by round Live Blog.


The 4th round is always a very interesting round in the NFL Draft. It is the round where the talent really starts to get depleted and therefore it is very good to have a pick in the early part compared to the end of the round. The Raiders will have the 3rd pick of the 4th round, picking at number 100.

There have been 7 Hall of Famers drafted in round 4, and somewhat surprising 4 of the 7 have been wide receivers. Perhaps one of these young men that will be drafted today will be a gem in the rough that will add to that illustrious list.

Stars are made in each round of the NFL draft, hopefully the Raiders prove that to be true today. At the end of the day the 2013 draft will be over and we all will finally know what players the Raiders will have added via the draft. Without any further ado let the picks begin!

Round 4, Pick 98: Jacksonville Jaguars trade pick to Philadelphia Eagles

Eagles select-- Matt Barkley, QB USC

-- Barkley was a surefire 1st round pick just a year ago but decided to return to college for another season. The Eagles got the steal of this draft with this pick.

Round 4, Pick 99: Kansas City Chiefs select-- Niko Johnson, ILB Alabama

-- The Chiefs undoubtedly hope that their Alabama ILB will work out better than the Raiders most recent Alabama ILB in Rolando McClain. They needed another ILB and got a pretty solid one in Niko.

Round 4, Pick 100: Oakland Raiders trade pick to the Tampa Bay Buccaneers

Bucs select-- Akeem Spence, DT Illinois

-- The Bucs needed a big guy for the middle of their DLine and they got one. Spence won't wow but he will provide a presence in the middle of the line.

Round 4, Pick 101: Jacksonville Jaguars from Philadelphia Eagles select-- Ace Sanders, WR South Carolina

-- Not a speedster but can make guys miss in space with his quickness. He should help open things up for Jags WR Justin Blackmon. A role player and a punt return, Sanders fits a need for the Jaguars.

Round 4, Pick 102: New England Patriots select: Josh Boyce, WR TCU

-- The Patriots already added Aaron Dobson out of Marshall earlier in the draft but they were still hungry for another receiver. Boyce pairs with Dobson and new slot receiver Danny Amendola to give QB Tom Brady 3 new receivers for next year.

Round 4, Pick 103: Arizona Cardinals select: Alex Okafor, DE Texas

-- Okafor is one heck of a player to be going in the 4th round. The Cardinals continue to add pieces to their defense which was already a strong unit last year with 3 out of their 4 selections on that side of the ball. Okafor is another weapon for them to use on their DLine.

Round 4, Pick 104: Miami Dolphins select: Jelani Jenkins, OLB Florida

A player out of their own back yard Jelani Jenkins is a natural choice for the Miami Dolphins. The Florida OLB will have a former Raider to learn from in Phillip Wheeler.

Round 4, Pick 105: Buffalo Bills select: Duke Williams, S Nevada

-- Duke Williams adds depth to the Bills secondary. He was an All-Team Mountain West conference pick in 2012. 106 Tackles show how tough of a player Duke Williams is, that and his name is Duke.

Round 4, Pick 106: Miami Dolphins select: Dion Sims, TE Michigan St

-- The Dolphins have added another piece to help out their believed Franchise QB Ryan Tannahil in TE Dion Sims. Sims is a solid weapon in the red zone having had 8 TD's in 2012 and at 6'5 he has the size for the prototypical tight end.

Round 4, Pick 107: Tennessee Titans select: Brian Schwenke, C California

-- The Titans needed offensive line help and they went to the West Coast to find it. Brian Schwenke out of California adds depth and is a possible starter down the road. In fact that road could possibly be a short road that ends at the start of next season.

Round 4, Pick 108: Carolina Panthers select-- Edmund Kugbila, G Valdosta State

The Panthers continue their trend in this draft of building through the trenches with this selection. They had already added 2 DT's on the other side of the trenches and must have wanted to even it out a bit.

Round 4, Pick 109: Green Bay Packers select-- David Bakhtiari, OT Colorado

The Packers current Tackles have been somewhat injury prone and they needed the depth at the position. Adding a Tackle that did not have a single penalty assessed to him is a pretty good idea no matter where you pick him.

Round 4, Pick 110: Arizona Cardinals trade pick to NY Giants

Giants select-- Ryan Nassib, QB Syracuse

-- Nassib needs time to work on his mechanics and having the chance to sit for a couple years will do him good. There are not many players better to learn from than Eli Manning who runs QB camps in his free time. Nassib will be a decent back up and with some work could be a good investment

Round 4, Pick 111: Pittsburgh Steelers select-- Shamarko Thomas, S Syracuse

-- Thomas is a player that will be thrilled to learn under Steelers often injured Safety Troy Palamalu. He is a hard hitter that will be a good player for the Steelers for years to come.

Round 4, Pick 112: Oakland Raiders select-- Tyler Wilson, QB Arkansas

-- The Raiders had been rumored to be interested in Matt Barkley who ended up going to the Eagles after they traded in front of him. Instead the Raiders drafted Tyler Wilson out of Arkansas who was also a widely touted prospect going into this season.

Round 4, Pick 113: St Louis Rams select: Barrett Jones, C Alabama

-- Barrett was at one time projected as a 1st round pick so the Rams are lucky to get him so late. I am sure many Raiders fans would have rather this be the Raiders pick over Tyler Wilson who was picked at 112.

Round 4, Pick 114: Dallas Cowboys select-- BW Webb, CB William and Mary

-- The Cowboys needed depth at the corner position and went small school style for it. Webb comes in with the ability to fight for the Cowboys Nickel position.

Round 4, Pick 115: Pittsburgh Steelers select-- Landry Jones, QB Oklahoma

The run on quarterbacks in the 4th is going strong as the Steelers add a new back up to Ben Roethlisberger in Landry Jones.

Round 4, Pick 116: Arizona Cardinals select-- Earl Watford, G James Madison

-- The Cardinals probably were hoping since Barrett Jones had lasted that long that they would get him now but instead they get Earl Watford. The Cardinals need a ton of help on their offensive line so any pick on that side is a good one.

Round 4, Pick 117: Chicago Bears select: Khaseem Greene, OLB Rutgers

-- The Bears have been known for their Linebacker play and they are thrilled to add another one to their roster. Khaseem was rated as Mel Kiper's best available for much of this round.

Round 4, Pick 118: Cincinnatti Bengals select: Sean Porter, OLB Texas A&M

--A 2011 1st team all conference pick and a solid player on the surprising Texas A&M squad. The Bengals have done well in building a solid defense over the years and continue that trend with this pick.

Round 4, Pick 119: Washington Redskins select: Phillip Thomas S, Fresno St

-- The Redskins are still looking for that Safety that controls the field the way the late Sean Taylor did. They are hoping that Thomas can prove to be a quality starter over time and would be thrilled if they find their field general the way Taylor was, may he rest in peace.

Round 4, Pick 120: Minnesota Vikings select: Gerald Hodges, OLB Penn St

-- The 2012 Butkis award finalist was a pivotal part of the Penn St defense that performed so well all year. The Vikings hadn't picked since their 3 picks in the first round and now they just added another solid player in Hodges.

Round 4, Pick 121: Indianapolis Colts select: Khaled Holmes, C USC

-- The Colts need to protect QB Andrew Luck and with that in mind they chose Holmes to do that. Holmes will provide a big body in front of Luck and I doubt much desire to hurt him even though he played for the rival Trojans to Luck's Stanford Cardinals.

Round 4, Pick 122: Green Bay Packers select: J.C. Tretter, G Cornell

-- The Packers continue to try to add help at their offensive line position with the pick of Tretter. They just invested a lot of money in Aaron Rodgers and they want to keep him upright.

Round 4, Pick 123: Seattle Seahawks select: Chris Harper, WR Kansas St

-- The Seahawks select another Wide Receiver to their already impressive corp of receivers. Harper will have the chance to learn from Sydney Rice, Golden Tate, and Percy Harvin.

Round 4, Pick 124: Houston Texans select: Trevardo Williams, DE Conecticut

-- This man led the Big East with 11.5 sacks last year and has over 30 on his career at Connecticut. That is a might impressive weapon to add to a line already including JJ Watt.

Round 4, Pick 125: Denver Broncos trade pick to Green Bay Packers

Packers select-- Jonathan Franklin, RB UCLA

-- A surprise move after the Packers had already drafted Alabama RB Eddie Lacey in the 2nd round but Franklin is a heck of a running back himself. He adds an element to the Packers backfield that had been sorely missed with his catching out of the backfield.

Round 4, Pick 126: Tampa Bay Buccaneers select: William Gholston, DE Michigan St

-- Gholston is the 2012 Buffalo Wile Wings Bowl Defensive MVP with 30 Tackles for loss in his career. He had 4.5 sacks last year but was far more disruptive than that leads you to believe.

Round 4, Pick 127: Atlanta Falcons select: Malliciah Goodman, DE Clemson

-- Malliciah is as literal of a "Goodman" as they come. The DE out of Clemson is expected to be able to be a pass rusher for the Falcons who desperately need some help getting to the QB.

Round 4, Pick 128: San Francisco 49ers select: Quinton Patton, WR Louisiana Tech

-- The Niners obviously are wanting to make their offense more balanced with another pick spent on a target for Colin Kapernick.

Round 4, Pick 129: Baltimore Ravens select: John Simon, DE Ohio St

-- The Ravens added more depth along their defensive line with the pick of Simon He is known for being able to get to the QB having had 9 sacks in 2012.

Round 4, Pick 130: Baltimore Ravens select: Kyle Juszczyk, FB Harvard

-- A little surprising for the Ravens to pick a FB in the 4th round but considering he went to Harvard he must be intelligent. FB's need to think quick to identify their role in each play and he has H-Back capabilities.

Round 4, Pick 131: San Francisco 49ers select-- Marcus Lattimore, RB South Carolina

-- Congrats to Lattimore who has gone through 2 devastating knee injuries to come back and still be a draft selection. Frank Gore the Niners running back is an ideal person to look up to as someone who went through a devastating injury and became a special NFL player.

Round 4, Pick 132: Detroit Lions select-- Devin Taylor, DE South Carolina

-- Back to back Gamecocks come off the board with the pick of Devin Taylor. The Lions have a big need at DE and they hope that Devin can provide the type of production they need from the position.

Round 4, Pick 133: Atlanta Falcons select-- Levine Toilolo, TE Stanford

--Toilolo led the Stanford team in yards per reception with 16.4 ypr in 2012. He provides a solid option along side Tony Gonzales and could be the player to take over for Tony once he retires from the NFL.

Whew! That was a lot of work my friends! Luckily for me James Arcellana is taking over the Live Blog for round 5!