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Raiders take QB Tyler Wilson out of Arkansas in Round 4

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The Oakland Raiders use their first pick of day three on QB Tyler Wilson


The Oakland Raiders traded the third pick in the fourth round with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers in order to get the 112 pick (15th pick in the 4th round) and a sixth round pick. With the trade back, the Raiders selected QB Tyler Wilson out of Arkansas, adding to a group of young quarterbacks already in Oakland.

Many believed the Raiders would target a quarterback in this draft, but were unsure of who or where the Raiders would take one. At the start of the fourth round, the Eagles traded up to get Matt Barkley and not long after, the Giants traded up to get Ryan Nassib, possibly prompting the Raiders to take Wilson a bit early.

Most had Wilson tabbed to go anywhere from the 3rd to the 5th round. With guys who were tabbed in the first two rounds falling deep into the draft, it is a bit surprising the Raiders chose Wilson so early. But there did appear to be a run of QBs happening in day four so it isn't too much of a reach,

Wilson is a solid option for a developmental quarterback. He did not have a very good senior season, but the Arkansas program in general was off its game in 2012 and if you look back at his junior season, Wilson had a solid year with 24 touchdowns and only 6 interceptions. He is raw and needs to develop, but he has a strong arm, is accurate and is the type of motivated player that Reggie McKenzie likes.

Don't expect him to pull a Russell Wilson and be a starter in 2013, but with a little time, he is certainly capable of developing into an NFL caliber QB.

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