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Raiders trade down in round 4

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The Raiders have traded down in round 4 with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, picking up a round 6 pick.

Thearon W. Henderson

The Raiders have made their second trade in this draft, both trades down. The first came in the first round when they traded down with the Dolphins to move down from third overall to 12 overall and chose cornerback DJ Hayden. Now they have traded down in the fourth round. They had the third pick in the fourth round, pick 100. They traded down to the Buccaneers' 112 pick and have added a sixth round pick in the deal - pick 181.

This give the Raiders four picks in the sixth round. They still don't have a pick in round five.

Here is what the Raiders remaining picks look like now:

Round 4 (112)

Round 6 (172)

Round 6 (181)

Round 6 (187)

Round 6 (205)

Round 7 (209)

The first player chosen in round four was Matt Barkley who the Eagles traded up to get from the Jaguars. Barkley was the consensus best player on the board and it is being speculated that perhaps the Raiders wanted him with the 100 pick, but when he was off the board, they pulled the trigger to trade down.

The other pick made before the Raiders was the Chiefs taking inside linebacker Niko Johnson. The Buccaneers chose Illinois defensive tackle Akeem Spence with the pick they received from the Raiders.

Keep an eye on my best available players list as the round progresses.