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NFL Draft round 5 live blog

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As each draft pick in round 5 rolls in we will be updating this article. Stay up to date with the 2013 NFL Draft simply by following Silver and Black Pride's round by round Live Blog.

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As round 5 of the NFL draft begins, there are still plenty of quality players available for NFL teams to take. With the run on QBs that went on in the 4th round, there were a number of really good players who began falling and some who continued to fall after being projected to be taken in day two. There are 6 hall of fame players who were drafted in the 5th round of the NFL draft, so don't be confused into thinking that a team cannot significantly upgrade their roster in the 5th round.

Round 5 Pick 134: Kansas City Chiefs select Sanders Commings, CB University of Georgia

-- The Chiefs get a versatile defensive back in Commings. Though he played CB in college, some see him as a safety at the next level. The Chiefs will be able to try him out at different spots in their secondary adding depth across the board.

Round 5 Pick 135: Jacksonville Jaguars select Denard Robinson, WR Michigan

-- This guy is just pure athlete. Denard Robinson is a playmaker who can be used all over the field. The Jaguars are one of the worst teams in the league and have gotten a guy who can help out with a lot of holes and creates another playmaker for the Jags who have very few.

Round 5 Pick 136: Philadelphia Eagles select Earl Wolff, S North Carolina State

-- Eagles add to their secondary with a guy who has been a three year starter and can contribute right away. A two way star in high school, he has better ball skills than most secondary players and he is not afraid to put his nose in a pile and go after a ball carrier.

Round 5 Pick 137: Detroit Lions trade pick to Seattle Seahawks

Seahawks select Jesse Williams, DT Alabama

-- Chiefs get a really good value pick here. Some saw Williams as a guy who could have gone back in day two in the late second or third round. He fell much further than many thought and he would have been a nice selection for the Raiders had he continue to fall.

Round 5 Pick 138: Seattle Seahawks select Tharold Simon, CB LSU

-- The Seahawks add another guy who fits in with the type of secondary that Cheat, I mean Pete Carroll likes to have. Hard hitting aggressive ball hawks. Adds nice depth to that unit.

Round 5 Pick 139: Cleveland Browns trade pick to Indianapolis Colts

Colts select Montari Hughes, DT Tennesee Martin

-- The Colts get a athletic freak with a lot of potential. Started his college career at Tennessee before transferring and has the tools to be a big time player, but he needs a lot of coaching up to reach his potential.

Round 5 Pick 140: Arizona Cardinals select Stephen Taylor Stanford

-- The Cardinals have been trying to find a good running back for years without success. Now that the Beanie Wells expirement is over, they needed to try and find a new guy to fill the hole. More of a power back, Taylor could be a nice pick up for the Cards.

Round 5 Pick 141: New York Jets select Oday Aboushi, OT Virginia

-- The Jets shock everyone by not getting another QB (read: sarcasm). The Jets needed some offensive lineman and look to address that need with Aboushi. He is not a great prospect, but could compete to be a starter at RT one day. If not, could end up being a G if he can show versatility.

Round 5 Pick 142: Tennesee Titans select Lavar Edwards, DE LSU

-- The Titans get a versatile guy who has experience dropping back into pass coverage as well as rushing the QB. Special athlete who can play special teams and a number of positions on the defense. Les Miles even said they lined him up at WR sometimes. Athletic freak.

Round 5 Pick 143: Buffalo Bills select Jonathan Meeks, S Clemson

-- The Bills look to have reached a little bit with this pick. Don't know that Meeks would've been taken before the 7th round. Not a ton of info on this guy other than the fact that he was not a consistent starter at Clemson, but has talent and could be developed.

Round 5 Pick 144: New Orleans Saints select Kenny Stills, WR Oklahoma

-- Saints get a great pick here. Fast guy with good hands. Needs to learn to be more physical in the NFL, but Drew Brees will know how to get the most out of this kid. Easily could have gone earlier in the draft and will likely contribute right away with the Saints.

Round 5 Pick 145: San Diego Chargers select Steve Williams, CB California

-- Chargers got a nice player with Williams. Great speed and good size. He is a decent open field tackler but has room to improve. Had a very good career at Cal and is a nice late round value for the Chargers.

Round 5 Pick 146: Denver Broncos select Quanterus Smith, DE Western Kentucky

-- Big guy from a small school. Can play in both 3-4 and 4-3 who fell to later rounds after a knee injury. Has a lot of athletic ability and has a ton of upside but is still very raw.

Round 5 Pick 147: Tampa Bay Buccaneers select Steven Means, DE Buffalo

-- Guy who can play OLB or DE. Mostly a pass rusher, does not have good sideline to sideline movement. Good physical attributes but needs to show they can translate to good football skills.

Round 5 Pick 148: Carolina Panthers select A.J. Klein, ILB Iowa State

-- Nice value in this pick, Klein is not a bad player. Has good instincts, but relies on them a bit too much as his physical talents are not quite on the level of what one wants for the NFL.

Round 5 Pick 149: St. Louis Rams select Brandon McGee, CB Miami

-- Guy has the prototypical build and physical attributes for a corner in the NFL, but his college career did not show the on field production that makes you confident his physical attributes will convert at the next level.

Round 5 Pick 150: Pittsburgh Steelers select Terry Hawthorne, CB Illinois

-- Another CB with great physical attributes and very good top end speed, but who did not excel in college and had some injury concerns as well.

Round 5 Pick 151: Dallas Cowboys select Joseph Randle, RB Oklahoma State

-- Good option in the passing game, Randle has good hands and is a nice outlet for the QB. Can run in short yardage as well but does not have the bulk to be great at it. Has above average speed.

Round 5 Pick 152: New York Giants select Cooper Taylor, S Richmond

-- The Giants go small school fishing in taking Cooper out of Richmond. Good size and shows some promise, the Giants hope they can help develop the raw talent at the next level.

Round 5 Pick 153: Atlanta Falcons select Stansly Maponga, DE TCU

-- Undersized and injury prone, but he had solid production in college and could make a decent pass rushing specialist with some work at the next level.

Round 5 Pick 154: Washington Redskins select Chris Thompson, RB Florida State

-- Could Mike Shannahan have struck again? Small RB at just over 5'7, that's smaller than even I am, and I'm a little guy. But wouldn't be shocked if he puts up a thousand yard season in Was.

Round 5 Pick 155: Minnesota Vikings select Jeff Locke, P UCLA

-- Great punter with the ability to have a big time impact on field position at the next level.

Round 5 Pick 156: Cincinnati Bengals select Tanner Hawkinson, OT Kansas

-- Good football player who is undersized and has short arms. Might be a good prospect to move inside to guard. Had good production in college.

Round 5 Pick 157: San Francisco 49ers select Quinton Dial, DE Alabama

-- Niners get yet another DE. Project guy who has great size for what the Niners are looking for. Can stuff the run and push the pocket but isn't a great pass rusher.

Round 5 Pick 158: Seattle Seahawks select Luke Wilson, TE Rice

-- Good size and speed for a tight end, but is a project player from a small school.

Round 5 Pick 159: Green Bay Packers select Micah Hyde, FS Iowa

-- Good size and speed and has shown the instincts to be a play maker but does not do is consistently enough to be sold as a player at the next level.

Round 5 Pick 160: St. Louis Rams select Zachary Stacey, RB Vanderbilt

-- Short guy with above average speed and good production in college. Has all of the intangibles you could want. Hard worker, good locker room guy.

Round 5 Pick 161: Denver Broncos select Tavarres King, WR Georgia

-- Broncos add to their WR corps with a guy that has pretty solid attributes. Good speed but needs to put on some weight as he is pretty small.

Round 5 Pick 162: Washington Redskins select Brandon Jenkins, DE Florida State

-- Guy who would've been chosen earlier if not for an injury early in the year in 2012. He is a pure pass rusher who needs to develop his run skills, but can contribute at the next level.

Round 5 Pick 163: Chicago Bears select Jordan Mills, OT Louisiana Tech

-- Solid option to develop into a starting RT prospect. Better in the run than in the pass but has good size and good intangibles.

Round 5 Pick 164: Miami Dolphins select Mike Gillislee, RB Florida

-- Bigger back who does everything well but does not excel in any one area. Can run, catch and pass block well.

Round 5 Pick 165: Detroit Lions select Sam Martin, P Appalachian State

-- Punter from a small school. Not a lot of info on him, but taking a punter in the draft normally represents a guy with a big leg who can change field position.

Round 5 Pick 166: Miami Dolphins select Caleb Sturgis, K Florida

-- Its officially a run on kickers! Strong legged guy who has made some good kicks in pressure situations.

Round 5 Pick 167: Green Bay Packers select Josh Boyd, DT Mississippi State

-- Good height and weight, but arms and hands are on the smaller side and does not have much speed.

Round 5 Pick 168: Baltimore Ravens select Ricky Wagner, OT Wisconsin

-- More likely to be a G at the next level. Developmental player who has the possibility of moving inside and being a contributor at the next level.

And with that, the 5th round of the 2013 NFL Draft. Enjoy the rest of the draft, lots of picks for the Raiders in round 6!