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2013 NFL Draft: Raiders use round 6 compensatory pick on Oklahoma DT Stacy McGee

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The Raiders finally take a defensive lineman in the sixth round. This one has some character issues. How will he fit into the Raiders scheme?


When you Google Stacy McGee's name, you will find two or three pages of results mostly regarding his various suspensions and arrests for everything from marijuana possession to driving with a suspended license. This doesn't seem like the sort of guy Reggie McKenzie would normally go for, but let's look beyond that to see what sort of player McGee is when he actually sees the field.

McGee is 6'4" and 308 lbs. He had to sit out his Pro Day with an injured foot, so we really have no idea how fast or athletic he is. We do know that he was very highly regarded coming out of high school and was a top defensive tackle recruit. He was unable to break the line rotation in his freshman year, but he did produce some when given starts in subsequent seasons.

The big DT would likely have been a starter for the entire 2012 season, but was suspended for the first six games by the University of Oklahoma for reasons that were never disclosed. He played in the next six games, recording a few tackles per game and getting a sack vs. Iowa State but was suspended for the Cotton Bowl because of an arrest.

This player is a huge gamble, but at the end of the sixth round you can take a flyer on a guy who has potential. That's all McGee is at this point.