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Raiders Undrafted Radar: Best available UDFA

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The draft is over but the incoming prospects are far from finished rolling in. Here is the list of undrafted free agents who are on the Raiders radar.

Chase Thomas, LB Stanford -- signed with Saints

Keith Pough, LB, Howard -- signed with Bills

Wes Horton, DE, USC -- signed with Panthers

Braden Brown, OT, BYU -- signed with Rams

Travis Johnson, LB, San Jose State

Tony Jefferson, S, Oklahoma -- signed with Cardinals

Bradley McDougald, S, Kansas -- signed with Chiefs

Kevin Reddick, LB, North Carolina -- signed with Saints

TJ Moe, WR, Missouri -- Signed with Patriots

Mike Purcell, DT, Wyoming -- signed with Cardinals

Nick Clancy, LB, Boston College -- signed with Falcons

Jaleel Addae, S, Central Michigan -- signed with Chargers

Ryan Travis, CB, Tulane

Don Jones, S, Arkansas State -- Signed with Dolphins

The phone lines are burning up as we speak. This part of the day is almost more interesting than the later round of the draft itself.