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Oakland Raiders new QB takes draft call in odd location

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The Raiders got themselves a QB and a fan of massive superstores


The Oakland Raiders drafted 10 players in the 2013 NFL Draft and just like every other year and every other player taken in the draft, each one of those players received a call from the team who was taking them in order to inform them of where they would be playing the beginning of their professional football careers.

On Saturday, among other players, the Raiders drafted a quarterback out of Arkansas named Tyler Wilson who took his call in a rather unusual location. Rather than taking the call sitting on his couch watching the draft with his family and loved ones, Wilson took his call from the Raiders at his local Walmart with a fan with whom he had just taken a picture with and other Walmart patrons.

Wilson said that he was right in the middle of taking a picture with a fan when his phone lit up. He excused himself and took the call while the fan and other onlookers at the Walmart watched and listened as he learned where he would be playing in 2013.

Wilson quickly left the Walmart so that he could go home and celebrate with family and friends, but that moment he learned of his fate at the next level will forever have been spent with his fellow fans of Walmart.