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Raiders Super Bowl odds still longest in NFL after draft

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The draft did nothing to raise the Raiders Super Bowl odds according to Vegas odds makers.


By Las Vegas odds making standards, things have been going from bad to worse for the Raiders this off-season. Before free agency the team was tied with the Jaguars for the longest Super Bowl odds at 150/1. Since March 17, they have remained tied with the Jaguars for the longest odds but those reached the 200/1 odds mark. That mark remained unchanged following the draft.

The odds makers are usually pretty good at what they do. They get paid a lot of money to place odds factoring in several variables. Also occurring since the last time odds were made was the schedule release. But clearly, nothing they have discovered of the Raiders has changed their minds.

The odds didn't change from the draft mainly because the Raiders didn't draft for need so immediate victories are not expected. Granted, the Raiders have a lot of needs, so most of their picks can in some way be considered a need pick. But when you look at who they drafted, there aren't a lot of players who are expected to come in and make an immediate impact as a starter.

I expect the odds to rise in future seasons but for now, the number crunchers are saying the Raiders just don't add up.

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