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Raiders bring back Eddy Carmona

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The Raiders have re-signed kicker Eddy Carmona who had an extremely odd day in camp last year.

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Organized Team Activities are approaching and the Raiders need to fill out the roster with the necessary components. One of those necessary components is a "camp leg". This is the guy who takes some of the workload from the starting kicker in camp and preseason but has little to no chance of actually making the team. For the Raiders, it's Eddy Carmona.

Carmona spent camp with the Raiders last season. He is a left-footed kicker which is important as Sebastian Janikowski is left-footed and therefore Carmona offers consistency for the holder.

A native of Monterrey Mexico, Carmona was an undrafted free agent last year out of Harding University in Arkansas. He is most well known to myself and the other media in attendance at camp last year for a streak of odd field goal attempts in practice. Here is what I said at that time.

Training Camp Day 10 notes:

The real show came in an odd place -- field goals. Sebastian Janikowski got it started off. He kicked it high and nailed the videographer perched atop the cherry picker behind the goal posts. He did a similar thing Monday while fans were in attendance. He would kick one more and that was his day of work.

Then camp leg, Eddy Carmona, stepped in and that's when it got really interesting. His first kick nailed the left upright. Then he lined up and kicked on through. His third nailed the left upright again. And just when I said it my head "I bet you can't do that again", damned if he didn't nail that left upright again. And just when everyone was thinking how crazy and impossible it would be that he do it again, HE DID IT AGAIN!

I swear he hit that left upright for a fourth time out of five kicks. And I guarantee you he was not doing it on purpose. A camp leg doesn't come out in a practice session and play trick field goal games. If he wanted to do that, he would have aimed for the camera guy like Janikowski did. At least then, it would mean a high splitting of the uprights. Instead of HITTING of the uprights. Never seen anything like it. And Dennis Allen agreed.

Despite that odd day, Carmona did pretty well in on game day. He made three of four field-goal attempts in four preseason games, two of which came from 53 and 56-yards out.