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Win a chance to announce a Raiders draft pick!

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That is right all you Raiders lovers out there, get your social media accounts ready and get your entries in. If you are selected you could be the lucky fan to announce the Raiders 4th round pick in the 2013 NFL Draft in New York City.

What do you have to do to enter? Well I am glad you asked because it is easy as pie! Easier than pie even, you ever try baking a pie? This is far easier, although less tasty. All you must do is follow the directions provided after clicking the link below.

Raiders Insider: Announce a Raiders Draft Pick

Once you click that link it will bring you to the contest's home page where after just a click of the button you will be entered to win. One entry not enough? Share it on your social media account, aka Twitter or Facebook, and you will get another entry to win.

Its pretty safe to assume that just about any of us die hard Raiders fans would love the chance to step on that stage and become part of Raiders history. Imagine if the pick that you announced becomes a Pro Bowl player or even a Hall of Famer!

The story would already be worth sharing the rest of your life even if the player announced doesn't do anything in the NFL but if that player was a successful NFL star then that would become a story of epic proportions! You could be the envy of all your fellow Raiders fans.

In fact you could become the envy of all your fellow NFL fans in general because that would be incredibly cool to be able to do. What are you waiting for?! Click that link and give yourself the chance to win this awesome prize. Do it! Do it now! Seriously, this would be really awesome to win.

Thanks for this opportunity goes to Raiders Insider; the official Raiders fan site for exclusive contests and experiences Powered by Gaga Sports and Entertainment.