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Raiders cut ties with Rolando McClain

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The Raiders have officially waived Rolando McClain.


Rolando McClain has been on his way out since before week 12 of last season when he was suspended for conduct detrimental to the team and then made inactive for the final three games of the season. But the team was not allowed to cut him due to the cap ramifications.

As soon as free agency hit, many thought Rolando McClain would be gone. As it turns out, his name was not among those released and remained on the roster for what is now nearly a month into free agency.

It appears the time has finally come. The most likely player to receive his get-the-hell-out walking papers from the Raiders is now set to get the boot.

McClain was a non-factor on the field and a real problem off of it. To say he wasn't a leader doesn't cover it. He was evasive, immature, and destructive to the team dynamic. His off-field issues were even more of an issue. He was arrested on charges which included assault, menacing, and discharging a firearm in Alabama during the 2011 season while at home attending his grandfather's funeral. He was convicted on all charges by a judge but requested a trial by jury and the alleged victim later dropped the charges.

The new regime gave him a chance to turn things around and become the player the Raiders had hoped they drafted with the number eight overall pick in 2010. But he continued to make mistakes and saw his snaps reduced to about 50% following week four of last season. Then in practice between week 11 and 12, he got into it with Dennis Allen and was kicked out. He would not be seen on the field again for the Raiders.

There was never any rush to cut McClain as his release actually costs them money against the cap. The team has placed him on waivers and are hoping beyond hope that someone will pick him up and relieve them of the cap ramifications. Because he was placed on waivers and is not a vested veteran, he is not eligible for a June 1st designation.

The team likely tried to see if they could find a trade partner who would adopt their problem child but no one would take him on. So, little Rolandito will just have to put his little spotted hanky on a stick and head on down that dusty road.