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Report: Raiders to host QB Seneca Wallace

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The first reports have surfaced of the Raiders taking a close look at a quarterback. They come from Brain May of KXTV 10 in Sacramento. who says Seneca Wallace has scheduled a visit with the team next week.

David Richard-US PRESSWIRE

The Raiders have been in need of adding depth at the quarterback position since it was clear they were letting Matt Leinart leave as a free agent. They have also wanted to add a player or two as competition at quarterback. Seneca Wallace is open to being part of that competition as he will meet with the Raiders next week.

Wallace, 32, was out of football last season. He was with the Browns for two seasons in 2010-11 appearing in 14 games, starting 7. He was released in the final round of cuts prior to last season and was not signed by another team.

The 5-11 quarterback played the first five seasons of his NFL career with the Seahawks but was never a full time starter for the team. He will also be visiting the Seahawks next week. He and Seahawks' current starter, Russell Wilson have a great deal in common. Both are 5-11, both are read option type quarterbacks, and both were mid-round picks by the Seahawks - Wilson in the third round, Wallace in the fourth round.

This also means if the Raiders sign him, Matt Flynn would be competing for the starting job with a very similar player to that of Wilson who beat him out for the job in Seattle. Wallace would also give Terrelle Pryor a run for his money to see who has the best combination of mobility and passing.

At this point, Wallace is just looking to get back into a camp with a legitimate shot at getting back in the league next season. The Raiders offer a decent shot at that. So, the interest is understandable.