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Rolando McClain unclaimed off waivers

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As of 1:00pm today, Rolando McClain went unclaimed on waivers. He is now officially a free agent.

Oakland Raiders linebacker Rolando McClain
Oakland Raiders linebacker Rolando McClain
Levi Damien

Last Friday the Raiders officially put Rolando McClain on waivers. This meant that any team(s) that wanted him had three days to put in a waiver claim for him. To the surprise of no one, there were no claims made.

The fourth year linebacker is now an unrestricted free agent and can sign with any team. The team mentioned more than any other has been the Baltimore Ravens who lost both of their inside linebackers this offseason.

Even if it isn't the Ravens, it will most likely be a team which deploys a 3-4 defensive scheme that would show interest in McClain. He would play inside linebacker in a 3-4 scheme which is the position he played in college. He was a complete failure as a middle linebacker in the Raiders' 4-3 scheme. His lack of leadership and mobility make inside linebacker in a 3-4 pretty much his only option.

There are also a great many concerns with McClain off the field but it is very likely some team will take a chance on him to see if he's had a wake-up call and can live up to the vast potential he had coming out of Alabama.