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JaMarcus Russell cancels Pro Day, opts for team visits

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The biggest stop on JaMarcus Russell's comeback tour was scheduled for this Wednesday when he was to have his Pro Day. Much to the chagrin of NFL scouts, it has been canceled.

Things seemed to be going swimmingly in JaMarcus Russell's comeback attempt until today. The big day was Wednesday when Russell was going to wow NFL scouts with his new physique and his NFL skills. He was going to take the NFL by storm just as he did in his Pro Day coming out of LSU which had some scouts saying it was the best they had ever seen.

That big day has now been canceled. (Crowd: Awww!)

But, fear not NFL scouts! There may be angry X's on 32 NFL calendars... er... I mean 31 NFL calendars (he said he wouldn't play for the Raiders. After all, it was all the Raiders fault for his failings so they are just s#@t outta luck in this lottery) but JaMarcus will still be available for private workouts. He just wants a chance to show you his wares personally, that's all.

This canceled Pro Day is in no way due to a lack of interest. No, no, no. Plenty of scouts from NFL teams had booked their tickets and hotel rooms. The media had prewritten articles about how great he looks and how he finally has his head on straight. The idea that the story would end up becoming about the lack of scouts at the Pro Day is ridiculous. I mean, what NFL team wouldn't want to be associated with JaMarcus Russell?

So, buck up, NFL teams. The news of the canceled Pro Day may be incredibly disappointing, but those 31 NFL teams hoping for the chance at JaMarcus Russell to upgrade their quarterback position need not settle for their own lesser version, or scramble to find a plan B. They need only keep calling JaMarcus' agent's phone until they get through so they can schedule their own up-close-and-personal look at the player that could very well save their franchise.