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A thank you to Amy Trask

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It is always a sad day when a legend calls it quits, it's even sadder when it is a person that has been within the organization for over 25 years. Thank you Amy Trask for your years of loyal and inspiring service.

The year 1987 was a good one. In that year America saw Aretha Franklin as the first woman inducted into the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame, Wrestlemania III set an all-time in door attendance record that stands still today with over 90,000 spectators, Windows 2.0 was unveiled, and my favorite Michael Jackson album "Bad" was released. It was also the year that Amy Trask became the first female executive in professional sports.

Fast forward over 25 years and we see the departure of the hurricane personality that is Amy Trask. Has there ever been a team executive so loved by a fan base as the one and only Miss Amy Trask? Has there ever been a team executive that loved their fan base as much as Amy has shown for Raider Nation?

Its sad to see Amy leave this great organization after all the heart and soul that she visibly put into it. She never got to raise that Lombardi Trophy which is a travesty, but I don't think that Raider Nation could have loved her more even if she had.

Yes it is sad to see the legend leave, but it is also a time to celebrate all that she did for this organization and for the world as a pioneer of female rights. It wasn't easy for her to get accepted into the land of men, but her fiery personality left nobody able to deny her rightful place as an executive in the NFL. The NFL didn't open the door for Amy Trask, she kicked that door down and dared anybody to try and stop her.

The smiling face greeting fans and taking pictures with families (even their dogs). The first game after Al passed on where Amy was seen in the hallways visibly shaken but there anyway for her dear friend and her team. The picture of her in that t-shirt that read simply but beautifully Al within the ever prevalent shield that emblazens the Raider logo. Those are what I will always remember of Amy and her time here in Oakland.

A pioneer, a dominating personality, and a legend forever within the Raiders organization and the NFL as a whole. Thank you from the bottom of my heart and I'm sure Raider Nation agrees. You will be missed as a leader of the Silver and Black but you will forever be thought of with love. Good luck in your future Amy, I am sure you will dominate whatever you do with passion just as you did in your time with the Raiders.