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Homeward Bound? Charles Woodson belongs in Oakland

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Charles Woodson is an old man for NFL standards but there is still a place for him. Woodson needs to come home and finish his career where it started, as an Oakland Raider.

When free agency started Charles Woodson was hellbent on being on a contender. Problem was, the contenders decided that they weren't going to sign him. With the contenders saying no to his services he opened the door to come back home where he belongs.

There is unfinished business here in Oakland for Mr. Woodson. Every NFL fan remembers the Tuck rule game against the Patriots. Charles Woodson was the man that made that play on Tom Brady in the most epic failure in refereeing known to man. The Raiders never got the championship they deserved in that era, and they fell down the rabbit hole ever since.

Woodson can help bring this great franchise back to superiority with his supreme knowledge of the game and his inspirational ability to lead and teach the youth. The Raiders are too far behind the 8ball to get Woodson another ring, but he can be a teacher for the team that will grow into being champions.

Charles left Oakland amongst injuries and the prevailing thought that his best days were behind him. They weren't. The Raiders continued down their dark path of futility while Woodson finally got his ring with the Green Bay Packers. Now would be a perfect time for Charles to come home with the knowledge that he learned from that championship.

I never blamed Woodson for leaving Oakland when he did. His time as a Raider was done and it was in his best interest to move on. He wasn't happy anymore as a Raider and it was visible on his face, but he also self admittedly was not mature enough at the time.

Maturity is no longer a problem for Charles who has really grown as a person and leader since leaving the Raiders 7 years ago. He was humbled by his free agency experience at that time where he chose a cold and boring Green Bay because it was the only place that showed they really wanted him. Little did he know at the time that the small city of Green Bay is where his career would flourish beyond his dreams.

After playing for the Packers all this time a sense of serenity is now seen on Woodson's face although he is still not ready to give up on the game he loves so much. How perfect of an ending would it be for Woodson's hall of fame career for him to end it where it began? I can't imagine a more fitting end for one of the greatest cornerbacks to ever play the game.

Not only should Woodson never wear a new team's jersey, but also there is a wide open position for him if he wants it. The Raiders still need to add another Safety to their team, and that is now the position that best suits Charles. Coming home to Oakland would not only provide a peaceful synergy to end his career, it would also provide him the opportunity to continue being a starter. The fairytale of Woodson's career deserves an epic ending, returning to Oakland would provide exactly that.