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Raiders sign undrafted quarterback to play wide receiver

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The Raiders have signed undrafted quarterback Greg Jenkins out of Alabama State as a wide receiver from camp tryouts.

Oakland Raiders wide receiver Greg Jenkins
Oakland Raiders wide receiver Greg Jenkins
Levi Damien

The Raiders just completed their rookie minicamp. Among those in attendance were several players on a tryout basis. One of those players was former Alabama State quarterback Greg Jenkins working with the wide receiver.

The 6-foot-1, 205-pound Jenkins accounted for nearly 2,200 yards and 17 touchdowns for Alabama State last season. Knowing his best chance to catch the eye of an NFL team would be the switch to receiver, he made that his focus.

"I already knew I had to prove myself," Jenkins told Nick Birdsong of "I mean the more you can do the better it is like the return game. You can just be a one-way player, you gotta be able to do more things than one. So, I knew I had to be able to do everything in order to really get a shot."

The Raiders invited him for a tryout and he showed enough potential for the team to sign him to an undrafted free agent contract.

"It's a good feeling man, It really hasn't hit me yet. But it's a good feeling."

Following the final minicamp practice on Sunday, all tryout players were instructed to gather in a meeting room, while all draft picks and already signed UDFA's were told to head to the weight room. Then, someone pulled Jenkins to the side and told him to join the second group.

"I was like, 'Why would they do that'?" Jenkins said. "I was just thinking they might just bring me back next week just for the minicamp with the veterans and stuff. But after that I checked my phone and my agent had called me and he was saying, 'Congratulations' and all that and that they had offered a contract...It surprised me really."

Jenkins jumped onto the Raiders radar when he had a strong showing in the NFLPA Collegiate Bowl last February.

There should be more rookie tryout players announced soon.