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Marcel Reece to Tweetup with fans for United Way

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On May 10 it was announced that Marcel Reece would be joining the United Way in its attempt to keep kids in school.

Ezra Shaw

On Friday the Raiders announced the Marcel Reece would be joining United Way Team NFL, a group of NFL players whose goal it is to encourage high school students to graduate on time and pursue the best education they can. You can read the full article from here.

"I was first in my family to graduate from college," said Reece via press release. "It was important to me to set a good example for my six brothers because I know for a fact that school is a gateway to future success. That’s why I was honored that United Way invited me to get involved in this important work."

Reece is well known for his charity work and last year was nominated for the Arthur S. Arkush Humanitarian Award, presented by the NFL each year to player whose the community and charitable organizations are most outstanding. He is known as a very high character player and is a perfect guy for the Team NFL program and for changing the culture of the Raider team.

As part of Reece's new partnership with the United Way he will be conducting a "Tweet up" with fans at the Raider Image store in Oakland tomorrow (Tuesday, May 14) to do a meet and greet and sign autographs. He will be there from 1 PM to 2:30 PM.

"A Tweet up is basically social media promotion," Reece explained on Bay Area radio station 95.7 The Game. "We'll be tweeting for most of the time we're there and just having fun with the fans, signing autographs, taking pictures, and just talk more to each other and see what we can do to help kids as a community to enjoy school and graduate."

At the event, the Raider Image will give away Raider Image re-usable bags for the first 25 people who show up as well as a 25% off discount in the store from 1-2:30 pm to all who show up for the event.