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Agent: Raiders make official offer to Charles Woodson

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Charles Woodson's agent, Carl Poston, says the Raiders have made his client an offer.

Ronald Martinez

As soon as Charles Woodson said he would be willing to join a rebuilding team, a return to the Raiders became a possibility. Now the Raiders have made an offer to the veteran cornerback and the likelihood just got a whole lot more plausible.

Woodson is in Denver today, set to meet with the Broncos. It is very likely the possibility of seeing him line up for the division rival Broncos caused the Raiders to spring into action. While the Broncos are saying they want to take Woodson for a test drive before they sign him, the Raiders are flat out saying, we are willing to take you sight unseen.

Reggie McKenzie knows Woodson well from his time in Green Bay where as an executive, he saw Woodson perform at an All Pro rate for six seasons, including helping the Packer win a Super Bowl.

McKenzie is hoping this offer has Woodson canceling his visit with the Broncos and hopping on a plane to Oakland. Woodson may just find the opportunity to join a contender in Denver, which is what he wanted originally, as too enticing to pass up. Then again, perhaps his days as a Raider might make the thought of donning orange and blue trigger his gag reflex.

The Raiders have one roster spot available so they wouldn't even need to cut anyone to bring him onboard.