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Former Raider Mike Goodson arrested on gun, drugs charges

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Current NY Jets running back and former Raider Mike Goodson (or "Goody" as his teammates call him) has been arrested on gun charges and possesion of marijuana. A casualty of scrapping the zone blocking scheme in Oakland Goodson was in a great position in New York, but sadly not any more.

Jason O. Watson

Mike Goodson and another man were arrested after being found intoxicated in a parked car in New Jersey early this morning on Friday, May 17th. In the SUV the police found a .45 handgun loaded with hollow point bullets.

Hollow point bullets are illegal in New Jersey unless they meet specific guidelines for possession and carrying laws. The bullets are designed to expand and cause more tissue damage with less penetration allowing the full impact of the bullet to hit the target. If your using these bullets for self defense you must mean business. Unfortunately for Goodson right now it means bad business for the explosive running back who had signed a 3 year, $6.9M deal in the off-season with the Jets.

While being transported to the hospital for evaluation things went from bad to worse for Goodson when they found marijuana on his person. The weapons charge is far worse legally but finding marijuana on a professional athlete is never good for the player either.

This is incredibly disappointing for Mike Goodson as he had found himself in a very golden position in New York. The Jets have one of the most undecided running back positions in the league and Goodson had a real shot at finally winning a starting position. After being behind running backs like Jonathan Stewart and Deangelo Williams in Carolina and then Darren McFadden here in Oakland this new shot with the Jets was by far his best chance to start in his entire career.

CBS sports is reporting that officers have informed them that Goodson is being charged with possession of marijuana, possession of paraphernalia, possession of an unlawful handgun, possession of a loaded gun and possession of hollow-point rounds. These are very serious charges for the former Raider who averaged 6.3 yards a carry last year. His nickname here was Goodie, but apparently this morning he was a baddie instead.

This marks the 3rd player that was on last year's roster to have been arrested over the last few months, Desmond Bryant and Rolando McClain being the other two. It is nice to see the Raiders not being involved in controversies like this being as they have moved on from all 3 of the players I just mentioned. Mistakes happen but the Raiders being distanced from a story like this is still definitely a good thing. I'd rather write this story about a former Raider over a current Raider, that much is a certainty.