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Groundswell of support building for Charles Woodson return to Oakland

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Since the idea that Charles Woodson might return to the Raiders was first introduced, the excitement has been growing. Now the movement to woo him to come back has become organized.

Oakland Raiders defensive back Charles Woodson
Oakland Raiders defensive back Charles Woodson
Stephen Dunn/Getty Images

Social media is easily the most powerful force on this planet these days. And if you want to start a movement, there is no better place to do it. That fact was never more apparent than Friday evening when a single tweet turned into a groundswell in a matter of minutes.

As reported on Thursday evening, free agent Charles Woodson is scheduled to visit the Raiders' Tuesday per his agent, Carl Poston. There were a few fans at that time that mentioned to take to Twitter to send him messages to convince their prodigal son to return to Oakland where his career began and where he spent the first eight seasons of his career.

For about 18 hours or so, courting Woodson via social media on his Facebook account as well as the twitter account for his winery, @TwentyFourWines was the way to go. After all, it was how the Raiders fans convinced Philip Wheeler to sign with the team before the 2012 season. But soon, that approach wasn't enough.

About 4pm on Saturday, a facebook event page was created with the idea of generating a concerted effort to get the fans to join up and head to Raiders headquarters on Tuesday to show Woodson (and perhaps the Raiders organization as well) just how much the fans want the 36-year old defensive back to finish his career in Oakland.

At about 5pm, I received a tweet from a fan looking to generate interest in the gathering and, as requested, I retweeted it.

This was the first I had seen of it on Twitter or otherwise. Next thing I know Twitter was abuzz with a groundswell of Raider fans preparing to converge on Raiders headquarters on Tuesday in a massive show of support they hope will be impossible for Woodson to deny.

The initial event was scheduled for 2pm but many have discussed noon as when they would arrive. If this event turns out anything near the level of buzz created on Twitter, it should be something to behold.

Hopefully, for the fans planning on showing their support, Woodson does indeed make that scheduled visit. But even if they miss him, I don't think the outpouring of support would be lost on him.

I got a little chuckle when around 11pm Friday night - some six hours after my initial tweet - I received what was essentially the same tweet from someone else completely, asking me to re-tweet it. And I have received several more since then. It had come full circle. This thing looks like it's really happening.

Former Raider cornerback DeMarcus Van Dyke caught wind of it Saturday morning and Tweeted this:

If this doesn't work, nothing will.