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San Francisco wins bid for Super Bowl L in 2016

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The Bay Area is getting a Super Bowl! Levi Stadium in Santa Clara will be the host for Super Bowl L in 2016.

I wonder if Levi Damien is bothered by his stadium being the 49ers stadium? Well then again there is the chance that the Raiders will be forced into sharing the stadium in Santa Clara, so then Levi really probably wouldn't mind. Oh it's named after Levi's Jeans, not Levi Damien? I was confused for a second.

All jokes aside this is great news for Northern California. A whole lot of much needed jobs were just created for a struggling section of the country, along with a ton of tax revenue coming with it. Any hotels that were planning on building by Levi's Stadium just got put on notice that they are going to need to hurry, and that means more work coming in a hurry too. The whole Santa Clara area is exploding with anticipation and energy right now.

The Raiders have been very public in their desire to get their own stadium built in Oakland and hopefully that is what happens. However this is the last year of the lease at the Coliseum and the Raiders absolutely need new facilities and if they can't get their own stadium then Levi's Stadium is a very real option for the team. I would rather that than any move to Los Angeles, that is for certain.

I wonder what it will mean for that discussion to the Raiders to see their cross town rivals get this Super Bowl bid. It is a huge deal to win the hosting of a Super Bowl and the Raiders could decide the chance to share that Super Bowl could be worth agreeing to share the stadium. It wouldn't just be the 49ers and their beautiful stadium being talked about for Super Bowl L, it would be the Raiders stadium too.

Either way all the extra jobs just created by gaining this Super Bowl for Northern California should have a financial benefit for the Raiders too. There are bound to be Raiders fans that get jobs because of this bid. That means that people that spend money on the Raiders will have more money that they could choose to spend on them. They are going to get some benefit from this even if they never share Levi's Stadium with the 49ers.

The speed of Levi's Stadium going from creation to Super Bowl host is incredible and could prove to be a huge benefit to the Raiders in their effort to get a new stadium. It was not too long ago that the Niners were given a G4 Loan from the NFL for the new stadium and now the ground has been broken and the stadium will be ready to go in 2014. After just 2 seasons of being played in the stadium will hold their first Super Bowl. It is a beacon of proof of the ability for a brand new stadium to show immediate returns on the investment to both the team and more importantly the city.

Hopefully Oakland is watching closely; the people of Oakland, the officials of Oakland, and the Oakland Raiders all included on that. There is a marketing plan opening up that can help sell the idea of adding a new stadium, its that the City of Oakland could host a Super Bowl if they get one. The area has already been proven worthy of the right with this bid going to San Francisco, it only can strengthen the chances that a new stadium in Alameda County could do the same thing.

Congratulations must be said to the cross town rival 49ers organization. What they were able to accomplish so quickly is a feat of tremendous proportions. Hopefully the Raiders and the City of Oakland can capitalize on the opportunity a Super Bowl in the Bay Area is going to create for them. The Raiders need a new stadium and have for a long time, maybe that quest will be helped by this triumph of the Bay Area.