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Open Thread for Charles Woodson welcoming party

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The big news is of course the Charles Woodson visit to the Raiders today. Come to this thread and discuss the happenings with your fellow fans that can't make the shindig.

If you are like me then you are many, many miles away from the action going down at the Raiders headquarters. Then there are also people that can't make it because they are at work, or simply just didn't go. Whatever your reason, hopefully there can be enough updates here coming in from the people in the know.

For those of us that must live vicariously through others here are some pictures that were posted in another thread:

Bkzvpa3ceaahnkw_medium Bkzpbcvcyaaglhz_medium


Here is your open thread dedicated to the arrival party. I wish I had more to update but alas I am just in the dark as the rest of us.