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Charles Woodson arrives in Oakland to large fan welcome

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The fans had vowed to give Charles Woodson a warm welcome upon his arrival today at Raiders Alameda facility and they did just that.

Charles Woodson poses with a Raiders jersey at Raiders headquarters
Charles Woodson poses with a Raiders jersey at Raiders headquarters
Michael Gonzales

There were fans lined along the driveway for about a hundred yards ready to welcome home the All Pro and former 8-year Raider cornerback, Charles Woodson. I would estimate 200 plus were in attendance. They hope to show him the kind of support that will get the free agent to sign with the team.

The news initially was that he would arrive around 2pm. He arrived from the airport in the front passenger seat of a black SUV. Fans recognized him immediately and mobbed the SUV as it pulled up to the gate. He smiled and waved and eventually pulled into the drive.

Inside the gates he stepped out of the SUV wearing blue Michigan T-shirt and raised his arms up as fans cheered in adoration. That showing was a very positive sign for those fans hoping Woodson will sign with the team.

A few minutes later, he came out with Hall of Famer and Raiders assistant, Willie Brown, and held up a small Woodson Raiders jersey, posing for pictures. He then said he would be back out a little later, presumably after his business here.

I will be here waiting along with the remaining fans for him to reappear from the facility.