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McGloin impresses Raiders, Padron waived

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Raiders undrafted rookie Matt McGloin beats out Kyle Padron for Raiders final QB roster spot.

Oakland Raiders quarterback, Matt McGloin
Oakland Raiders quarterback, Matt McGloin
Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

Undrafted free agent Kyle Padron announced via his Twitter page today that he will be waived by the Raiders.

While Padron was unable to attend Raiders OTA's due to his college classes not being complete yet, the Raiders added a fifth quarterback to the roster - Matt McGloin.

Padron did attend Raiders three-day rookie minicamp where he failed to impress coaches and at times looked downright awful.

Unlike Padron, who had been a priority free agent signing, Matt McGloin had been invited for tryouts with the Carolina Panthers and left without a contract. With Padron unable to attend OTA's, the Raiders needed to add a fourth quarterback so they signed McGloin and brought him in.

The first OTA practices were a tryout of sorts for McGloin. The team was not going to hang onto five quarterbacks one Padron was eligible to return to the team. And McGloin walked in and simply took the job.

The record-setting Nittany Lion came in a looked like he belonged in a camp QB rotation. Good enough, in fact, it makes one wonder how he went unsigned initially, let alone as a tryout player.

This gives the Raiders four very nice options competing for the three season roster spots. Matt Flynn is pegged as the starter at current with holdover Terrelle Pryor, rookie round 4 pick Tyler Wilson, and McGloin competing to not be the odd man out come September.