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What's the story behind your S&BP screen name?

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Each of you when you created a profile on Silver & Black Pride had to come up with a screen name. We wanna know what's the story behind that name.

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For many people, Memorial Day is a time for barbecues and relaxation with hopefully plenty of time to reflect upon the true meaning behind the holiday - that being honoring those who lost their lives serving this country.

So, on such a day, I thought I would pose a question for you that wouldn't require much deep thought. Something we can all talk about over a beer or five, some charred meat, and hopefully a salad of some sort mixed in there somewhere.

I want to know what the story is behind each of your screen names.

For instance, I could say my screen name "Levi Damien" has a long story behind it. You see, Levi is an anagram of "Evil" and "Damien" was the name of the son of Satan in the film "The Omen". That is the underlying message I wanted to send whenever someone reads my screen name.

That, of course, is not really the story behind my screen name (or is it?). That is simply my given name and I chose to be transparent rather than witty.

At one time, my screen name was LDizzle. Those who have followed my writings since back in the early days over at Thoughts From the Dark Side still call me Dizzle from time to time. That name is simply taking the initial of my first name and then doing a Snoop Dogg thing with my last name. It would be like LDizzle Fo'Shizzle in the Hizzle.

So, spill it. What's the story behind your screen name?