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Raiders players honoring our fallen military on Memorial Day

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A collection of tweets from the Raiders and several Raider players honoring the fallen heroes on Memorial Day.

Tony Gonzales/

The true meaning of Memorial Day is to take time to honor those who have paid the ultimate sacrifice in defense of this great nation in which we live. The Raiders and many of the Raider players put the word out to honor our fallen and remind everyone of those heroes who are not here to accept such honors.

There is an important distinction on this day. While it is great to thank Veterans for their service -- and being a military veteran myself, I do appreciate any and all of such thanks -- I am a little hesitant because this day is not for me. Thank me and honor other living military on Veterans Day (or just any day would be good). This day is for the fallen and we all owe the utmost debt of gratitude to them for laying down their lives for us and our freedoms.

Today I join you in honoring them. The Raiders and a few players did as well.