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Charles Woodson practices with no number

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Charles Woodson takes the practice field as the mysterious "no number".

Oakland Raiders Charles Woodson at OTA practice
Oakland Raiders Charles Woodson at OTA practice
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One of the big questions this week with regard to Charles Woodson was what number he would don as a Raider. He said he was determined to get his old #24 back although to get it he would have to have to hash it out with Tracy Porter, the guy who currently has it.

"We'll definitely have to have that conversation," said Woodson. "We haven't had it yet. Raider Nation has me back but I don't know if they'll have me back without the 24 on my back."

As of today, either that conversation has not occurred or Porter is running a hard bargain because Porter came out to practice wearing #24 while Woodson was the man with no number.

It is extremely rare to see a player with no number on his back. It tells me he doesn't want to even bother with another number. Upon his signing with the team, the Raider Image store began selling his jersey immediately. The image they use is a jersey with the number 1 on it which is what number one draft choices hold up with the commissioner on stage on draft day. The statement reads "Please note this is a pre-sale only and your jerseys will not ship until the official number has been issued."

I would figure it won't be long before Woodson is able to bribe or sweet talk Porter into releasing his coveted 24 jersey. Part of that difficult decision for Porter could be what number he will don. He has worn #22 his entire NFL career but that number is currently taken by Taiwan Jones. Outside of that, there are no numbers in the 20's or 30's available on the team.

Decisions, decisions.