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Raiders banged up for second OTA session

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After a great turnout for the Raiders' first OTA's last week, the sideline got a lot more crowded this week.

Thearon W. Henderson

This newly rebuilt Raiders team took the field for the first OTA's with everyone who was allowed to attend practice, there. They also had just two players who were in attendance but unable to practice. That great attendance and healthy team didn't last long.

There were just two players out with injury from the start of practice in the first OTA sessions - Miles Burris and Josh Cribbs. Both players are recovering from knee injuries that required surgery. Both were also in attendance to watch their teammates at practice.

During last week's practice, several other players went down - Tracy Porter (calf), Nick Kasa (hamstring), and Stacy McGee (foot).

Those injuries continued to linger into their second OTA sessions and a few more were added to the tally. The laundry list of player injuries made up a good portion of Dennis Allen's press conference today.

"From an injury standpoint, we have several guys who either didn't practice or couldn't finish practice," said Allen. "Tracy Porter's still got the calf, Coye Francies was ill, Stacy McGee's still got the foot, Miles Burris a knee, John Hoese's got a calf, Cribbs still with the knee, Kasa a hamstring, Johnny Hill Jones' got a knee, DJ Hayden did not practice today - he's got an abdominal issue that's probably gonna keep him out the rest of OTA's but he should be ready to go for training camp."

Along with all the injuries listed, Sebastian Janikowski was not present. That is to be expected. It was actually more surprising he was in attendance at the first OTA's.

Hayden was in the hospital recovering from surgery to remove scar tissue from his abdomen and though it may be residuals from his surgery for his heart injury last November, his doctor has said it is not lingering effects of the injury and therefore is not expected to be anything serious.

Tracy Porter seemed ok following practice last week and said it was just a strain.

This time of year, you can expect that a few of the injuries that have kept guys out are not very serious. It is hard to know which ones are simply precautionary. The team hopes to have most of these players back by the time mandatory minicamps begin June 11.