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DJ Hayden released from hospital

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Oakland Raiders rookie cornerback has been released from the hospital following abdominal surgery to remove scar tissue.


Raiders rookie cornerback DJ Hayden was released from the hospital Wednesday and is resting at home according to a Raiders spokesperson.

The number 12 overall pick suffered a severe injury to his heart last November that required emergency surgery. He was hospitalized last week with abdominal pains and was operated on to remove scar tissue which had built up as a result of that heart surgery.

He had been in the hospital for exactly a week in total. Dennis Allen made it clear the team intends to sit him out for the rest of OTA's and mini camps with a return to the team in training camp at the end of July.

Hayden's doctor has stated this scar tissue is not a lingering issue of the injury but rather a result of the surgery and is rather common. There is expected to be a recovery time of about a month but once he recovers, there should be no further complications.