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Bo Knows Raiders fans will want to sport these classic kicks

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There is a saying "They don't make ‘em like they used to." For Bo Jackson, this is true as there will never be another Bo Jackson. But Nike knows and Bo knows they can make his shoes like they used to. So, they have reintroduced their classic Bo Jackson hightops.

They are the Nike Air Trainer Max '91 Quckstrike. Quite a name. With full Raider team colors such as a Wolf Grey, Black, and White upper and a Black and Silver cracked midsole. The retro are made unmistakably Raiders with the Oakland Raiders logo on one heel and Bo Jackson's number 34 on the other heel along with a diagonal strap across each shoe that reads "Bo Knows".


These bad boys are a must-have for Raiders fans as they are the perfect item for a complete Raiders gear wardrobe. They are very limited edition and said to retail for $110 at select Nike retailers. However, it appears now if you want a pair, it is running closer to $200 on Ebay and the like.