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Oakland Raiders has worst starting QB in the division according to ESPN Blogger

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ESPN blogger Bill Williamson ranked the AFC West QBs and the Raiders did not do well.

Stephen Brashear

The Oakland Raiders do not have their quarterback position solidified yet, so it is no surprise that when taking a look at the quarterbacks within the division, ESPN AFC West blogger Bill Williamson did not exactly have raving reviews for the Raiders quarterbacks.

Williamson ranked the top eight QBs in the division with Matt Flynn and Terrelle Pryor making the list. It isn't a surprise that two quarterbacks made the list. With four teams in the league, Williamson likely chose eight spots in order to rank both starting and back up QBs. The good news is that Williamson does not think another team in the league has a better back up than the Raiders do a starter, but that's about all of the good news.

Of the starting quarterbacks, Flynn, who was named the starter heading into camp, finished fourth. This is not overly surprising since Peyton Manning is clearly the best in the division and while Philip Rivers has had some down years, he has also been one of the best in the league at times in his career. Meanwhile, Alex Smith is hanging onto the reputation earned on two years of above average play and Matt Flynn simply hasn't seen the field enough to get much recognition.

On the bight side of things, at least Terrelle Pryor was not ranked as the worst back up in the division, that honor went to San Diego Chargers back up Charlie Whitehurst. Pryor ranked third among the back ups, or 7th overall in the rankings. Williamson noted that he has talent and potential but is likely to be pushed by Tyler Wilson for the backup spot.

With three young quarterbacks hungry to play in the NFL, the Raiders should have a good competition in camp, but the question that remains to be answered is whether or not any of them will step up and show that they are ready to be a good NFL starting quarterback.