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Mel Kiper's favorite pick in 2013 NFL draft: Sio Moore, Raiders

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ESPN's draft guru Mel Kiper Jr pegs Raiders third round draft pick Sio Moore as his favorite selection in the 2013 NFL draft.


On an episode of NFL Live last week, Mel Kiper was asked by Todd McShay to make a bold prediction about the players taken in the 2013 NFL draft. Here is what he had to say:

McShay: You have seven rounds of picks, give me something, Kiper.

Kiper: I'll tell ya, how about if you had a player who is arguably one of the best workout warriors, he was one of the most productive linebackers in this draft, which meant he has it all, right?

McShay: I like him.

Kiper: Then I tell you he's gonna be the 66th pick and go in the third round, what would you think about that choice?

McShay: I think a lot of teams passed on a good player

Kiper: And what would you say if he had a Raider mentality? You like it, right?

McShay: I'd say he should probably go to the Oakland Raiders.

Kiper: There he went, Oakland Raiders take Sio Moore from Connecticut. Connecticut; all kind of players on the defensive side moving into the NFL. Sio Moore's gonna be outstanding, he's gonna attack, he can get after the quarterback, he's a tremendous tackler, he's instinctive, he can run, he's versatile... I think he will turn out to be - Sio Moore, linebacker Connecticut, 66th overall pick in the third round - one of the best defensive players coming out of this draft.

Sio Moore most definitely agrees with Kiper's assessment. He said something similar immediately following his being drafted by the Raiders, saying "The Oakland Raiders got the best linebacker in the draft, I don't care who went before." He said a great deal more, to read his entire interview, click here.