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Oakland Raiders: Bringing back Richard Seymour would make sense if he comes cheap

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The Oakland Raiders still need help on their defensive line, could a familiar face provide it?

Ed Szczepanski-US PRESSWIRE

The Oakland Raiders entered the 2013 NFL Draft with defensive line being one of their biggest areas of need. The problem is, they finished the 2013 NFL Draft with defensive line being one of their biggest areas of need. They drafted a defensive tackle, Stacy McGee and a defensive end, David Bass, in the sixth and seventh rounds respectively, but players taken that late cannot be expected to be big contributors early on.

The Raiders did, however, take a guy in Sio Moore that could help on the defensive line. Though he played linebacker in college, Moore also spent a good amount of time with his hand in the dirt, rushing the passer. But even with that addition the DE position, the Raiders would be looking at Vance Walker and Pat Sims as their starting defensive tackles. Walker could end up being very good, but Sims is a two down back up, so where do the Raiders turn to solidify their defensive line this late in the game? Perhaps to a familiar face.

Richard Seymour, who spent the past four seasons with the Raiders finds himself without a team as the 2013 season rapidly approaches. Earlier in the off season, it was rumored that Seymour wanted a big payday, but now that he has not had any suitors this late in the game, if he wants to continue his career, he will need to do so at a discounted price.

If Seymour comes to his senses and is willing to accept a reasonable salary, it would make sense for Reggie McKenzie to look at bringing him back. When Seymour first joined the team, he was hearalded for his leadership abilities. He has been credited with turning Tommy Kelly from an overweight average player to a strong presence up the middle. He was also credited with helping turn around the losing atmosphere that had dominated Oakland locker rooms for years.

With the Raiders full of young guys on the defensive line, having another veteran to help them grow and learn the positions would be helpful. The Raiders do not necessarily need or want Seymour as a starter, so they will not be willing to pay him much, but if he will take less and be part of a rotation while helping the young guys learn how to play at the next level, it will be a worthwhile investment.