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Terrelle Pryor calls talk of him not starting "nonsense"

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Terrelle Pryor is not buying into any talk of his not being in the running for the Raiders starting quarterback job.

Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

Since the beginning of the off-season, the questions have swirled about who would be the Raiders starter next season. It was Carson Palmer and he was replaced by Matt Flynn. The team also drafted Tyler Wilson in the fourth round last April. All the while, Terrelle Pryor has been hoping to get his shot.

At one time, Reggie McKenzie said the quarterback position was an open competition. Then just before OTA's, he announced Matt Flynn would be the starter heading into camps and every indication is that it's Flynn's job until further notice.

Terrelle Pryor has been taking second team reps in practice behind Flynn and the predominant thinking is Flynn will head into the season in September as the starter. Pryor is not going to concede and such thing. Not in minicamp in June.

"It's a long time before, what, the regular season in September, August, maybe, late August," said Pryor. "It's still a long time before even the first preseason game. So, that talk is nonsense. It doesn't matter right now, as long as we're helping each other, like I said before, and we're getting better and building team chemistry. That's the main thing, working with each other. Right now, not knowing who the starting quarterback is going to be and who's getting talked about, that's the thing that's not very important right now, to me."

That is certainly the right attitude from Pryor's perspective. He may not be getting the first team reps right now but he is getting plenty of reps in general and he knows if he improves, he could get his shot with the first team and perhaps even become starter.

The talk of Flynn starting is not purely speculation. McKenzie has expressed great faith in his former backup in Green Bay. Everything points to Flynn getting every opportunity to show his wares on the field in a regular season game before the team considers seeking another option.

So, while in general the talk is not "nonsense", Pryor is right for not worrying about what is said and going about his business. He still has a great deal of work to be done. He's been working a lot on his footwork in the off-season. His improved footwork shows in position drills but he still struggles in team sessions. But as he said, there is a good two months before anyone will really need to show where they stand.