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Raiders minicamp day 2 notes: Nix gets first team reps

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Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

It's day two of three Raiders minicamp practices. Here are my notes for today's practice.


Practice started with no changes to the injured list, either adding or returning. Although a couple players went down during practice. Mike Jenkins went out with a knee injury and Phillip Adams had a hamstring injury. Jenkins bumped knees with another player and stayed on the practice field throughout but didn't participate in team sessions after that.

Adams went down while defending a long pass and was slow to get up. He walked off under his own power and was taken into the facility for the remainder of practice.

The others who were injured and not practicing were Josh Cribbs (knee), Isaiah Williams (unknown), Jon Hoese (calf), Nick Kasa (hamstring), Miles Burris (knee), Johnny Jones, Stacy McGee, Coye Francies (illness... still), D.J. Hayden (abdomen), Latavius Murray (foot), Taiwan Jones (unknown).


After Tony Bergstrom had been running as first team left guard for most snaps in OTA's and the first day of minicamp, Lucas Nix was working first team. Bergstrom had said on Tuesday that he and Nix are both competing for the position.

Tuesday's practice was easily the worst overall passing in practice I have ever seen. To start this practice, there wasn't a single incompletion... because they didn't pass the ball. The first session was all run plays.

They began passing in the second session and they looked much better. That isn't saying much except if they had continued to look terrible, it would have said much more.

The best looking quarterback today was Terrelle Pryor. He had the best pass of the day on a 60-yard touchdown bomb to Andre Holmes and later threw on a rope across the middle. He had another ball batted at the line for his fifth in two days, although the good news is that was the only batted ball of the day for any quarterback.

Though Matt Flynn's passing improved, it wasn't all that great. It was more along the lines of what one might expect from a first team quarterback still learning his team.

Not much to say about Tyler Wilson. He was decent.

Matt McGloin ends every session with one play. One. Play. Hard to prove your worth with so few snaps. He completed passes to Sam McGuffie to end the last two sessions.


When the offense finally tried to pass, the defense was ready. Flynn rolled out right and Jason Hunter cut off any chance for him to tuck and run it, forcing him to throw the ball away.

Keenan Clayton made the next defensive play when he defended a pass from Tyler Wilson. He defended a pass from Wilson yesterday too.

Pat Sims got a "sack" on a bull rush up the middle. Nick Roach got one as well and Joselio Hanson twice got to the quarterback on corner blitzes.

Mike Jenkins had a pass defended on a pass from Flynn to Streater. He then went out with his knee injury and was replaced on the first team by Chimdi Chekwa... who promptly gave up a long catch to Rod Streater from Matt Flynn.

Special Teams

The energy from Bobby April is like night and day from the Raiders' special teams last year. He is loud and in charge and knows exactly what he wants and how to get it.

It is odd watching Jacoby Ford at full strength returning kicks. It has been so long since we saw him do it.

At different points, Ford was joined in the return game by Rashard Jennings, Tyvon Branch, Mike Jenkins, Jeremy Stewart, Greg Jenkins, and Sam McGuffie.