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Would a 7-9 record be a success for the Raiders in 2013?

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Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

There inevitably will be some fans that say absolutely anything less than a winning record is unacceptable and that is an understandable point of view. It goes along the same lines as most contending teams think as well. Most contenders consider anything less than winning deep into the playoffs or even anything short of a Super Bowl victory as unsuccessful.

I am sure that the Raiders players themselves are expecting to have a winning season, just as all 31 other teams should also believe currently. Right now the team's main goal is to get better and see where it takes them, hopefully that will evolve over the course of the season into the confidence it takes to being a winning team. Them believing in themselves is the first step to building that winning confidence so they must believe that they can go out there and win or they will be dooming themselves before ever having a chance.p>

If you listen to the reports coming from most media outlets though it would lead one to believe that 7-9 would be almost a miracle for this Raiders team. If this team went 7-9 it would be considered a success for them in the media's eyes, but would it be enough to be considered a success to us fans?

The problem that comes up with believing that a 7-9 season would be a success for this Raiders squad is that then you must believe that this is an inferior team with no real chance of being a playoff contending team. It would be accepting the inevitability that the 2013 season was always going to be a losing season and that getting that close to having a winning season was good enough. It would also be mathematically erroneous to believe it to be a success because it would be a losing record which in itself is saying that you failed more than succeeded.

It would not be good enough to be considered satisfying for most Raiders fans. This streak of ineptitude has got to end. Despite such a large increase of games from 4 wins to a hypothetical 7 win season it is hard to imagine that being considered successful to most of us. It would be continuing the streak of ineptitude and therefore continuing the dark ages. The season wouldn't feel like a success to be sitting there watching more losing games than winning for yet another year.

Despite a 7-9 season not being considered a success by most of us though, it would not be deemed a failure either. It would be a grey area in between success and failure. It would show significant progress and improvement from a team on its way up and therefore prove our general belief correct that this Raiders team is not as far off as many would have you believe. Would that be enough to be happy with where the Raiders are and to give trust to Dennis Allen that he will keep improving?