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Raiders locker room provides A's, Mariners shelter from shit storm at

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A backup in the sewage system forces the A's and Mariners to share the Raiders locker room at coliseum.


Many times in recent years have the Raiders players taken refuge in their locker room at coliseum following putting a pretty foul stench on the field, but today, that same locker room provided a safehouse during a literal shit storm.

The sewage pipes underneath coliseum backed up and had parts of the lower floor where the baseball locker rooms as much as a foot deep in water during Sunday's A's vs Mariners game. When the two teams left the field following the A's 10-2 victory over the visiting Mariners, they were forced to abandon their locker rooms and share refuge in the Raiders' locker room on the floor above.

The ‘funny' thing is, this is somewhat of a regular occurrence. The sewage system backs up a lot, and not just on days when it's full of fans. It has become a rallying cry by A's players to receive a new stadium.

"Make sure everybody finds out about this sewage thing," A's starting pitcher A.J. Griffin told Tim Kawakami of the Mercury News. "We need to get a new stadium."

The Raiders may not have to deal with the sewage issue as the A's do, but they know full well plenty of the issues involved in having a dilapidated and outdated stadium. The need for a new stadium for both the A's and the Raiders is reaching critical mass. It's a matter of utmost importance. In this case, fecal matter.