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Reggie McKenzie disputes negative reports about Raiders quarterbacks

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The media reports on the Raiders quarterback play has not been good of late. Reggie McKenzie disagrees with those reports.

Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

Not much positive mention has come from the media portrayal of the Raiders' quarterback situation this off-season. Those quarterbacks have a combined three starts in the NFL - Matt Flynn (2 starts), Terrelle Pryor (1 start), and two rookies in fourth round pick Tyler Wilson and undrafted free agent Matt McGloin.

There wasn't a high opinion of the Raiders quarterback group before they hit the practice field. Then many in the sports media felt like they got some confirmation of their opinion on the team's second OTA practice when all of the top three quarterbacks had rough day in practice.

That rough day was written off as Memorial Day hangover (so to speak), until the minicamps rolled around and the quarterbacks looked even worse than they had before. It was certainly the worst overall performance I had seen in the past few years but fellow beat writer, Steve Corkoran of the Bay Area News Group, said it was possibly the worst he had seen in his 19 years of covering the team.

The play improved in the final two days of minicamp but it was still not what one would have expected from quarterbacks throwing in shorts with no fear of a pass rush.

Reggie McKenzie vehemently disputes the judgment of those who would say there is great cause for concern among this group from either those media in attendance or those speaking of them second hand.

"I don't know about those great evaluators that were out there (in the media) but in my eyes [the Raiders quarterbacks] had a pretty good off-season, pretty good OTA's, and they had some really good days," McKenzie told Bay Area radio station, 95.7 The Game. "Everyone has a bad day, but as far as the development of Flynn, the development of Pryor, the development of Wilson, all these guys, they have gotten a ton better from day one to when they left last week.

"I like what the offensive coaches are doing with Pryor and they try to implement his plan. The way they're throwing everything at Flynn and the rookie to try to see if he can pick it up... they all can throw the football and Pryor's definitely working on his mechanics. So, it's encouraging to see what this staff is doing with these guys and I'm kind of anxious to see them in training camp and how preseason rolls along.

"As far as the beat writers' evaluations, I really don't pay a whole lot of attention to that. Sorry about that, beat writers. If you were really good I'd probably get you in one of these scouting jobs."

Fair enough. Progress is a good thing. And I would agree that progress was made. A doomsday scenario is certainly a big leap when speaking of a new team in its first month in a new system. It seems the biggest difference in opinions here is benefit of the doubt. McKenzie sees progress and is optimistic the quarterbacks will only get better while others may see the early struggles as a sign of a long road ahead.

For now, we'll all just stick with the jobs we have and see how it goes.