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Shocking photo of slimmed down JaMarcus Russell

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JaMarcus Russell has lost a reported 51 pounds and a photo is making the rounds which (if the real deal) is pretty shocking.

Photo tweeted out by TEST Football Acadamy of JaMarcus Russell
Photo tweeted out by TEST Football Acadamy of JaMarcus Russell
TEST Football Academy

If you were wondering what the new, slimmer JaMarcus Russell looks like, there is a picture going around that is supposedly of him taken recently (above).

The photo was tweeted out last week from TEST Football Academy's twitter account which describes itself as "The premier NFL Combine, NFL Veteran off-season, and High School/Youth Football Training program in the US."

Later Ato Boldin whose bio descibes him as "World Champion. 4x Olympic Medalist. IAAF Ambassador. Emmy-nominated sports broadcaster. Pilot. NFL speed coach. UCLA Hall-of-Famer" tweeted that Russell "is UNDER his pre-draft weight of 265 lb (from 315), just like we at @TEST_Football said he would be."

TEST today tweeted out Russell's eating regimen from 8-Ball Nutrition:

So far Russell has gotten a tryout with just one team - the Chicago Bears - but has yet to be signed by the Bears or any other team. He has said that if an NFL team is not interested in offering him a camp invite that he would be willing to play in the CFL.

Regardless of whether he gets his NFL shot or even makes a comeback to play any kind of professional football, he work to take the weight off is commendable and will only serve him well health wise. Complications due to weight and heart problems run in his family. His uncle Ray died early in his football career to heart complications and his uncle Mike died three weeks later.