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Where in the world do you go to watch Raiders games?

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On this day last year, I asked the question "Where in the world is the Raider Nation?" and the response what tremendous. The fans responded from nearly every state in the US and countries across the globe. Now I am taking this idea one step farther. I want to know where in the world you go to watch Raiders games?

Obviously many of you are going to say Coliseum. A great many more will probably say their couch. What I'm looking for is that great Raider bar in the city/town/province/village/shire you live in or your hometown. So, if you have a great Raiders bar you frequent or have frequented in the past, I wanna know.

Be as detailed as you like. Is the owner a big Raiders fan so he/she decks out the place with Raiders gear and/or invite Raiders fans to meet there on Sundays? Or is it just the unofficial place where you and your fellow local (perhaps displaced) Raiders fans meet to watch games? What about the place do you like most aside from the Raiders aspect (ie food, games, drinks,etc)?

Just put it all in the comment box.

Share this article if you can because I would like to try and put together a nice list for fans to reference in future when wondering where great Raider hangout bars are across the country and around the world.