Ron Jaworski ranks Matt Flynn worst starting QB in NFL

Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

ESPN's Ron Jaworski recently released his starting quarterback rankings for the entire NFL and guess what? He has Matt Flynn ranked dead last. Yup, thats right, 32 out of 32 but this should come as no suprise since he DOES work for espn, the biggest collective group of raider haters. Even more so than mile high on Sundays!

Here is some of what he had to say:

"The more throws I watched, the more his arm strength limitations were evident," said Jaworski according to Rotoworld. "In fact, I was concerned that his few deep balls lost energy at the back end. They had a tendency to die."

I can tell you right now I would rather have Tim Tebow throwing right-handed than Blaine Gabbert and I'm sure with a little more thought I could come up with a few more starting QB's I'd pass on in favor of Flynn. At least with Flynn we're not sure of his potential and I'd take that over "known" commodities like Gabbert or dirty Mark Sanchez for that matter.

Raider Nation what's your take on ESPN's latest attempt to bash the Raiders? By the way, previous to this they also ranked the Raiders' WRs and Dline as the worst in football.