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Raiders now dead last in updated power rankings

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Not sure which is more news; the Raiders fell to dead last in the power rankings or that they were ever not ranked dead last.

Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

I hope you kids are paying attention to what's happening this off-season because as far as I can tell, this is unprecedented. After all the analysts and ‘experts' have been predicting the Raiders will have the worst... everything, now has updated their power rankings to reflect that as well.

It was previously the Jacksonville Jaguars who took the last spot in their power rankings but now since May 2, just following the draft, the Raiders have somehow taken their spot. Here is what Elliot Harrison had to say about their ranking:

"No offense intended, but these Oakland Raiders feel like an expansion team. Get this: The Raiders likely will have 14 new starters -- out of 22 -- when they play the Colts in Week 1. Oh, and a new punter, too. Still, this is the right way for GM Reggie McKenzie to proceed. Blow the thing up, get the dead money off the books and start developing talent. That's what those Colts did in 2012. Get started with gettin' started."

I guess it's funny what a little bad press from OTA's and minicamp can do. Although, I'm guessing many of you are more surprised they didn't have the Raiders dead last all along.

So, now when you say after the 2013 season "and they said the Raiders were the worst team in football" you will not be exaggerating.