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Raiders fans remain divided about QB competition

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Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

Recently there was a Fanpost put up by baylife925 requesting a peaceful vote on who the fans think the best quarterback on the Raiders is. It further confirmed the impressive divide among us fans on who should lead our favorite team. I can't remember the last time a team had three legitimate options to win the starting QB job.


Who is the best QB on the roster?

38% Matt Flynn (283 votes)

27% Terrelle Pryor (202 votes)

32% Tyler Wilson (236 votes)

2% Matt Mcgloin (13 votes)

1% Pick up a free agent QB (5 votes)

739 votes total

It isn't just that there are three legitimate options for the job though, its the way that the fans have aligned themselves so evenly in picking their favorite out of the bunch. It only furthers the proof that at the moment none of the QB's have managed to separate from the pack in the sense of gaining the majority support of the fan base. Right now there is just too little to go off of for any of the three to allow the whole of Raider Nation to have a majority opinion supporting one particular player in this competition.

A big part of that will be helped by preseason starting when we will get to see all three of them in game situations and how they look quarterbacking with that epic logo on their helmets. The Raiders are in a strange situation right now where they are relying on finding a leader amongst three unknown quantities for the most important position on the team. The unknown aspect of this QB competition leaves the fan base segregated based off of having to go off of gut feelings instead of proven entities.

Each and every Raider fan wants this team to finally find a starting quality QB that the team can build around for years to come, it is just that right now there is an extreme divide upon who we believe that QB is. We all can agree that we want whoever wins the job to be worthy of it and to be the QB the Raiders have been missing since the retirement of Rich Gannon though. It has been far too long since there has been a QB that was going to be dedicated to this team and the consistent starter for multiple years.

It does make for a very long wait this off-season for us though. So much uncertainty has us all watching the clock waiting for the time when our predictions can be vindicated. We are stuck waiting and wondering how it will all turn out whether that prediction is; Pryor will be the next athletic QB to dominate the masses, that Flynn is going to come out and show the world that his games in Green Bay were no fluke, or that Tyler Wilson will prove to be the most talented out of the bunch.

The funny thing is that for most of us any of those three predictions coming true would be just fine. The majority just want the next Raiders QB to be successful and to prove worthy of uniting our segregated community. The worst part will be if none of the three are worthy of being a starter and we are stuck still waiting for the Raiders to finally find a QB worthy of wearing the Silver and Black for years to come.

No matter who we want to win the job, it will be nice when we finally get a decision one way or another. Here is to a few more months of uncertainty and the countless arguments we will have trying to validate our opinions based off of nothing more than gut instinct. No matter the frustrations that we all will go through, that is part of what makes football awesome. Raider Nation can agree on one thing even if it isn't who should be the starter next season, we all love our Oakland Raiders!