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Dennis Allen: Terrelle Pryor "not there yet"

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Dennis Allen says Terrelle Pryor is still not where he needs to be.

Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

All through the off-season, Terrelle Pryor has been working to get better at the quarterback position. He hired three QB coaches to help with his footwork and mechanics which he says is the key to his improving his throwing motion and accuracy.

He has also been getting with his teammates and working every chance he can get. But when you watch him practice, it doesn't appear that he has made great strides. Dennis Allen has had a similar perspective.

"He's working. There's been no lack of effort on his part," said Allen of Pryor. "I think still when you look at it at the quarterback position, he's still young in the position and there's still a lot of improvement that he needs to make. He's got a great athletic skill set but still some of the finer points of playing the quarterback position are still some of the things that he's got to get better at."

This response feels very much like the one Allen gave in a post game press conference late last season after the Raiders lost Carson Palmer to a rib injury. Then the decision was eventually made to start Pryor for the final game of the season.

Some have argued that one regular season game is not enough experience to prepare the young quarterback properly but if Pryor isn't ready, the only game experience he will get is in the preseason.

"Yeah, that will come with some in-game experience," said Allen. "But again, at the end of the day everything that we do is being evaluated. So, we watch every single practice snap so I think we got a pretty good idea of where we're at. And we're going to continue to give him opportunities to showcase his skills but right now he's not there yet."

It may not seem like it but Pryor has been in the NFL for two seasons now. He came late to camp as a rookie and was suspended for the first five games of his rookie season but even so, he has had a lot of time to improve his game and show he is ready to legitimately compete for playing time at the quarterback position, especially on a team without an absolute lock to start.

If Pryor isn't ready yet, how much time does one quarterback need to play like he belongs at the NFL level, let alone pushing to start? Right now Pryor is closer to the area of fighting to hold onto his roster spot with no discussion of starting.